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Back from a training on leadership, held in White Cloud, Michigan, a three-part series starting last January. VERY interesting, especially the emotional maturity topics.  If anyone wants to discuss how your conflict styles may flavor your interactions with others (family, friends, co-workers), I'd love to talk about the concepts we discussed.  All in all, really great stuff that had as much to do with psychology as with "tools".  And that's a good thing in my book, because working with people is as much or more about the people than about the work.

I mention White Cloud because it was AWESOME to see the zillions of stars I don't get to see living in the city. I think I saw a shooting star, too. I need to spend a night under the stars sometime soon.

I carpooled with some folks to the training & back, and since we left a little earlier that planned, and since Sebastien hadn't seen Lake Michigan other than from Chicago (which, while Chicago is great as a city, doesn't really count as an appropriate viewing of Lake Michigan), we took a detour to the beach at Grand Haven.  I'll admit there were some moments en route when some of us (not me) feared that we might not get there, but the audible gasp as we crested the forested hill and saw the lake tells the real story.  Best idea ever!

(I feel like I should work for the travel Michigan campaign, I'm such a booster, but whatever. Michigan is awesome.)

While I was gone, B built me a new computer!  Anyone who knows B knows he LOVES new technology, so when my old computer started flaking out, he took the opportunity to research new & cool options.  My size of my entire new computer is just slightly larger than the cases dvds come in - NO JOKE.  It is the Asus Atom Eee PC, and it has a super-fast boot-up mode where you can access internet without booting the whole OS/network connection/etc.. Supposedly lower energy usage, too.


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