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Those of you following along know that I have fallen head-first into an overwhelming fascination with the character of Kurt Hummel on Glee.  

In some ways, watching the show makes me feel wistful - I was a theater and music kid, too, and I miss singing and having that audience and accolades. Even more than that, though, having Kurt's character be "weird" and, in the beginning of the season, not conventionally attractive, gives me permission to be weird and still completely awesome.

This feeling has started to be thrown a bit, because as of Season 1 Episode 15-ish he's starting to look much more conventionally attractive, which, while definitely nice to look at, I don't feel like I am so much. Like, of course it's easy for him to do what he wants; he's totally good-looking anyway. In the beginning he's completely adorkable.

I can still embrace my inner weirdness and put myself out there every day with confidence, and I'll be way better off than feeling bad about myself.

It's easy to get 'meta' on these thoughts, in ways that I don't have answers for yet. Such as:
Why is it so important for me to be seen as attractive to others?
Why do accolades feel so important?
What do I gain from being "pretty"?
Why do I need everyone to like me?

But. My awesome new 20-lace boots have arrived, and I'm rocking a killer scarf today. :)
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Other than the bridge, when the other character comes in. But. Damn.


Where is my floor-length sparkly deep-red dress, pianist, and big band / 40s album. That is what I want to know.
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I am totally laughing out loud.  I noticed that the userpic I chose for my *cough* obsession with Kurt Hummel is almost EXACTLY like the userpic I use for myself. Where Kurt has sparkly stage lights, I have an epic ribbon-wand of fiery orange-red. 
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My latest media obsession is the character of Kurt Hummel on Glee.

Now, don't get me wrong. Glee is mostly a terrible show.  (Not for network tv, I suppose.)  But there are a couple great characters, and Kurt Hummel is an EPICALLY great character. And the actor seems like he's in some completely great show, despite all the writing/singing/"dancing"/performing crap that is going on all around him. I really wish I could just watch the only-Kurt re-mix, because I really do not care about nearly anyone else, and that would make this netflix process about 80% faster.

Anyway. Sigh. Interesting thinky thoughts about gender and sexuality and beauty and strength and emotion and and and. (I can expound, though I don't have the time for mega-long post at this exact moment.)  I am in love with this character.

Anyone else watching Glee?

(ETA more appropriate userpic!)
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So I have a new jacket -- it's short, so it's not The Coat, but it's adorable & miliary-ish -- that TOTALLY looks like I could be stepping out with Jack Harkness.

And that thought always puts a smile on my face.

For Lydia

Jul. 26th, 2009 05:36 pm
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Okay, this does NOT make up for COE (no spoilers please I haven't watched it yet and I've heard it's devastating!) BUT - you may have already found this, but on the offchance you hadn't, some squee for you to hopefully improve your weekend: 
Video, at 4:45:
Condensed version:

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Started Torchwood season 2, and it's good, though I think I enjoyed season 1 more, at least so far. And Tosh's character needs an advocate on the script-writing committee, because man, she doesn't ever catch a break.

This post may or may not be an excuse to bump my Torchwood icon.


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