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Sometimes when you are really struggling with something emotionally, it’s because you’ve set up some core belief in reaction to something that happened earlier, and the time for that core belief is now thoroughly past. You can’t see the ill fit until the point where it becomes really a major problem. So the upheaval feeling, while it sucks, is happening because it’s time for something to change. It's time to look at it.

Like, at one point, “Remember the pain of this” makes sense, and then at some point it stops making sense to deliberately carry that as a sword to fall on each day. That one was maybe a little obvious, as soon as the time came to see it.

And then “Use no energy; Disconnect and disengage” can make sense for a time, when the risk seems too high. Except that you exist in the world, and your existence inherently *has* connections and actions. It is not possible to 100% withdraw and still exist, and let us agree that we will continue to exist. So, amend wherever possible when you fuck up, continue to exist, and act with love and kindness and as much wisdom as you can muster.


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