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Blue stability and orange witchery!!!

 (regarding penguins)

"... and if their parents, finally, when the chicks are strong, stop arriving with squid, so that the chicks become hungry enough to wobble off, through miles of golden blowing snow, to find the unseen sea, then they will discover, once they leap in, that they have talents besides standing-- swimming with sudden winging, wheeling grace in water."

(regarding Ginnungagap, the "gaping gap, dark and empty")
"But there are others who still experience the Ginungagap, like buttercups. Into the gaping gap buttercups send their yellow-dusted anthers, petitioning for a bee; and the gap is where the crane flower sets up its blue landing-petals and orange flicker-flame petals-- in order to doubly tempt the sunbirds--with blue stability and orange witchery."

"So why not stay stafe in the dirt, a seed holding tight, instead of a seed bursting forth and offering the plummy stationary self to slim mold and powdery scab and blossom end rot and weevils and sow bugs and gangrene and silver scurf and scrapy little sparrows waiting above ground?
Plants cannot stay safe. Desire for light spools grass out of the ground; desire for a visitor spools red ruffles out of twigs. Desire makes plants very brave, so they can find what they desire; and very tender, so they can feel what they find.
Those who are feeling their way into the Ginnungagap must be able to feel, which means able to freckle, and fringe, and soften, and tilt. And if they can tilt they can fall."
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